What’s So Special?

Writer’s block.  Worse case I’ve had.  I was going to write about the over use of the word special but that fizzled out.  I was going to write about growing up and that’s fizzled out also.  How about I write about a .38 special?  Maybe time appropriate with the recent uproar about guns and school shootings?  Maybe not.  I could write about our government and how our newest president was able to collude with the Russians and how that was possible if our country’s security was at 100% under the previous administration?  Maybe not.  That would be taboo, right?

Speaking of taboo, why is it taboo to talk about religion or politics?  Why is it such a no no at work or in certain settings?  Wouldn’t it be easier to expose corruption by speaking about it openly?  Wouldn’t it be wiser to keep these subjects fluent in conversation?  Why is it that it is not “PC” to talk about these things?  Who said, in this supposedly free country, that we couldn’t talk about these subjects openly?  Who?  I’d like to know.  Shame on them for making us look over our shoulders every time the subject of our faith or political opinion comes up!  That’s just not American!  We should embrace our freedom.  These people or forces that want to tighten the lips of the american people are those that want to control the population!  Just remember they’re not afraid to openly talk about their opinions and ideas.  So what gives?  We are not supposed to be living in a country with censorship and book banning…what gives?

We need to take back our freedom to speak openly about our faith and our political views and other subjects.  Of course we should do so politely, professionally, and respectfully.  Those things that are hidden should be exposed.  What is hidden can become evil and dangerous.  Our government should be ran openly and transparent, with the exception of national security.  And I interpret that to mean the security of our nation and its citizens.  It should not mean spying on those citizens!

So that is what is so special…writer’s block…ho hum until another day..be kind and be free!