First blog.

M. Newberg

First blog.  Wow.  Here I am a brand new blogger, and I already have writer’s block!

Well first I am a thinker.  Think, think, think is what I do all day; 24/7.  Here, on this blog I want to put those thoughts on “paper” and share them with others that may be inspired by them.

Here you may find inspirational, political, and personal ideas, opinions, and questions to be considered.

My thoughts are inspired from current events, church, daily life events, work, people, family, and reading.  Most of all I strive to be inspired by the God of the Bible.  You may be thinking, “oh another religious idiot!” but I implore you to give these musings a chance.  What will it hurt?  If I am a religious idiot, so be it.  Yet, maybe, just maybe I may just be another commoner like yourself seeking the true answers, striving and struggling my way through life like any other human being.

I don’t consider myself a “religious” person.  I don’t attend church regularly; although I enjoy doing so when I do.  I don’t pray as often as I should.  I am not a “member” of a church congregation.  I just believe that scripture provides the answer to life’s questions, period.  You may ask how does scripture answer all of life’s questions and issues, stay tuned and maybe we will find out together!  Welcome to “Have You Considered…?”!

Question Mark, Note, Duplicate, Request, Matter


Author: Have You Considered...?

Analytical thinker whose mind never seems to shut off. Putting to use the analytical mind God gave me to inspire others. Considering things that perplex me most everyday.

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